Stuntman Riky Ash

Riky Ash is a highly skilled, experienced and talented Stuntman, Stunt co-ordinator and Actor.

With over 700 industry credits Riky is a safe, reliable, relaxed, intelligent and friendly stuntman - the very best to work with.

Riky has doubled over 200 children and adults of all statures. His achievements have been honoured in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book Of Records. Riky has excellent communication skills and places a strong emphasis on actor participation which has worked to the advantage of many production companies.

Riky has safely performed over 1000 stunts and successfully coordinated stunts for many other projects.

Riky has the ability to turn your scripted action into reality in a safe no nonsense uncomplicated way. Stuntman Riky prides himself on his exemplary safety record coupled with excellent communication skills. Having the natural ability to liaise with all departments keeping all informed of the stunt action required to keep cast and crew safe.

Having 30 solid years experience Stuntman Riky has covered virtually every aspect of stunt work.

Reliable - 24 hours a day, I am there when needed and when it matters. No waiting for Risk Assessments. Stunt Co-ordinator Riky provides Detailed Risk Assessments complying with film and television insurance requirements delivered within 24 hours, complying with HSE Production Insurance, taking the pressure from you. Stunt Co-ordinator Riky Ash is up to date with current HSE Law.

Stuntman Riky is constantly training to keep his skills to the highest level providing production companies with peace of mind they are in safe hands.

Production companies, Line Producers, Directors, First AD's have chosen Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator Riky Ash over others since 1993, because Riky never lets them down, fitting perfectly into your crew as part of the team until the production is complete.

The friendliest and most approachable Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator there is.

Making Riky Ash one of the most sought after Stunt Coordinators in the world today.

TV Stuntman for Last of the Summer Wine

"Riky has undertaken extensive stunt work over the past years and has always found an uncomplicated, safe and effective way of achieving the considerable demands of the scripts. It has been an extremely satisfactory relationship in that the, quite often, dangerous stunts do not hold up the production, and that we are content that the risk factor is, thanks to Riky's sensible attitude, very low.

I would recommend Riky to any production."

Alan Bell
Producer - Last of the Summer Wine

First Knight Movie Production

"Please find enclosed a gift from Richard as a momento of the last few months on FIRST KNIGHT. It comes with his gratitude and thanks for all your work and he sends you his very best wishes for the future."

Lucy Darwin
Assistant to Richard Gere

TV Stunt Arranger & Stunt Performer

"Riky has worked in television as a Stuntman since 1993, and has gained a reputation for performing stunts with the minimum of fuss and with a high regard for every safety factor. His work on 'Last of the Summer Wine' goes back to 2000, and he has become an invaluable asset to the series as both Stunt Arranger and Stuntman. I would highly recommend Riky to anyone requiring a reliable stunt performer, who will give the best possible results to everyone's satisfaction."

Alan Bell

Stunt Coordination & Safety Advisor

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your good work on "Building the Titanic". I really am grateful for your efforts. I have now had the opportunity to begin to assemble the fight scenes and they look terrific - brutally convincing yet without a drop of blood spilled. Similarly, you'll be pleased to hear, your stunt fall (was it 60 feet?) is very impressive. At the present stage of the edit the action is still cut against green-screen, but when we are able to matte Titanic's hull into the background I am sure the fall will be even more breath-taking. The weather conditions were far from ideal for the shoot - and the working conditions were, at times, hazardous, particularly in the dry dock location. It was very reassuring to have you on board as safety advisor and I know that both cast and crew very much appreciated your contribution."

Bill Lyons
ITV Granada

TV Stuntman

"A short note to express our thanks, once again, for all your hard work on our recent BBC1 series, 'Bound'. We couldn't have done it without everyone's contribution and hope that collectively we've produced something of which we can all be proud."

Anna Ferguson & Abi Bach
Tiger Aspect Productions Scotland

TV Stunt Coordinator

"This is to confirm that we found Riky to be a safe, organised Stunt Co-ordinator, who worked well with our cast members, director and crew."

Paula Munro
Production Manager
DLT Entertainment U. K. Limited

TV Advert Stuntman for Tango Advertisement

"Riky Ash was the stuntman/featured actor in the recent Tango TV Commercial 'Helmet'. He performed the difficult stunt; freefalling from a 50ft high crane beautifully and fearlessly.

He was very well prepared physically and was co-operative and professional during the rehearsal and shoot days. He took direction brilliantly and gave an excellent performance, he's a natural actor too.

It was a pleasure to work with Riky, he was understanding, extremely helpful and great to have around. He is an excellent stuntman and performer, we were lucky to find him. The ad's good too."

Veronica Alkon
Clemmow Hornby Inge Limited

TV Stunt Coordination for Brookside

"I was very impressed by your co-ordination of the road stunts and the way you worked with the artists. I look forward to working with you again and will recommend you to my colleagues."

N Keen
Brookside Productions

TV Stuntman for Pizza Hut Commercials

"Riky Ash worked with Big Bang Productions recently as a stuntman on two pizza hut commercials. Throughout the productions Riky was a total professional both in his regard to the safety elements required for his scenes and also in his understanding of the entire commercials. Although we sometimes kept him waiting for several hours he still managed to be fresh and alert when it was time for one of his scenes. He knew what was required of himself often more than we did. Riky was a delight to work with and talking through the scenes in advance enabled us to achieve better results than we thought possible.

i hope to have the opportunity of working with Riky in the future."

Peter Truckel
Big Bang Productions

Commercials Stunt Performer & Actor

"I worked with Riky on a COI "Fire Safety" commercial and cannot rate him highly enough as a stunt performer and actor. He was consistently professional and a joy to have on set. I would not hesitate in using him again on future projects."

Tom Clegg
Production Manager

TV Stuntman

"Thank you so much for all your very hard work on BOY MEETS GIRL. I really appreciate your contribution and it has been a pleasure working with you. I hope we get to do it again sometime! The results are looking very exciting, and I'm hoping it will be on screen in the autumn."

Alison Lumb
Boy Meets Girl Production Office

Car Stunts Coordination

"Just a quick note to thank you for all your help in the co-ordination of the three car stunts for Loaded to advertise the release of the game Burn Out 3.

From concept to completion, your ideas were superb and helpful and your manner was totally professional. On the day, your attention to safety, both of yourself and others, was excellent and you balanced this brilliantly with ensuring that all parties got the images and film that they needed.

Overall, largely thanks to you, it was a superbly successful shoot and I would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all involved. I would definitely recommend you to others."

Hayley Rogers
IPC ignite! Ltd.

Stuntman for HSE Commissioned Film

"Riky Ash worked for Wildcat Films as a stunt man on a reconstruction of a Quad Bike Accident, for a video 'Riding For A Fall' commissioned by the HSE. Riky was required to effect an accident by driving a Polaris Sportsman towing a TFM trailer into a stone wall on a country lane. Both David Baillie [director] and Peter Dillon [producer] found Riky very capable, conscientious, adaptable and a joy to work with.

Thanks a million, Riky."

Peter Dillon
Wild Cat Films

Road Safety Programme Stunt Coordinator

"Thank you for all your help with our road safety programme. It was very reassuring to have you create such realistic "accidents" skilfully and safely. It was a real pleasure working with you and I hope the opportunity arrives again."

Catharine Alen-Buckley
Production Manager

Film Stuntman doubling Brian Murphy

"Thank you for your work on the film and for the professional way in which you conducted the stunt. As I think I mentioned to you, as the Producer, whilst responsible for everything that goes on during a shoot, there are many things which are, in reality, out of my control, and stunts are the most dangerous example of this. I was therefore very relieved and impressed with your approach to the work, which you handled very conscientiously and at the same time without fuss."

Carol Lemon
Persistent Vision Productions

TV Stunt Coordination

"Thank you so much for the work you did for us on "Attention Deficit Disorder”. The hanging and the rooftop scenes look great and as promised everything went according to plan.

I won't hesitate to use you again on future productions and will happily recommend you to colleagues should they need a stunt co-ordinator."

Rachel Robey
Producer "Attention Deficit Disorder"
Intermedia Film & Video (Nottingham) Ltd

Short Film Stunt Coordination

"I gave Riky the stunt coordinator position on my short film ‘Choice. Regret.’ We had to shoot a car crash in very icy, slippery and dangerous winter conditions. As well as being under significant time scale pressure and with the weather conditions worsening by the hour we had to get the car stunt done in just 2 takes. Riky’s understanding of what was required of the stunt for my shots was brilliant and he suggested a few routes in how to get it done quickly. He coordinated the actor’s stunt double and action superbly and i got the shots that i needed, which resulted in adding a great sequence to the overall production which in turn produced an award winning short film. Im currently writing my second short and will be using Riky again for a adrenalised street fight sequence."

Christopher Schonning