Stuntman Riky Ash

Riky's stunt work has spanned several decades of film and television

Riky’s Stuntwork has spanned several decades of film television commercials music videos computer games none broadcast video. Not only is Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator Riky Ash The Worlds Most Versatile Stuntman Riky is one of the very few stuntmen who works extensively across all medias. Fight Co-ordinator Riky Ash trains actors and actresses in the art of safely fighting for screen and television creating some of the most realistic dynamic fight choreography even seen. As a seasoned Fight Arranger, Stuntman Riky is an expert in training actors and actresses to safely fight with weapons.

As a Seventh Dan Grand Master of Shaolin Kung-Fu Stuntman Riky holds one of the highest qualifications in martial arts in the world today, very few people reach the coveted level of Grand Master.

Alongside Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator Riky Ash’s amazing fighting and Kung-Fu skills, Riky is also one of the worlds best Super Car drivers, being the owner of an amazing Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Stuntman Riky has the ability to control these powerful cars at very high speeds.

Stuntman Riky was chosen out of over 70 Stuntmen to drive on a Ferrari Commercial shot in Sicily in 2009 driving high value supercars, Riky was the Number One choice, with his no nonsense relaxed nature and ability to safely Make The Action Happen.

A Precision and High Speed driving Expert.

A highly intelligent individual with a creative mind that is able to safely turn your scripted action into reality. A seasoned Businessman who understands the logistics of filming, communicating with Line Producers / Production Mangers at an early stage to ensure that the stunt department is adequately funded to create safe realistic action.

Stuntman Riky

Simply The Best!