Stuntman Riky Ash

Seeing Double

The World's Most Versatile Stuntman and That's Official! Guinness World Record holder Stuntman Riky Ash is not only The World's Most Versatile Stuntman but also one of the most experienced, skilful and talented Stuntmen in the world today.

Chosen many times by actors and actresses as their preferred stunt double, like Ronnie Corbett once said, “Riky makes me look good”. Over 200 Actors and Actresses doubled and an amazing 1000 stunts safely performed.

Having the unique ability to act, mimic and mime, Stuntman Riky studies the artistes' movements and postures he doubles to make it near impossible for the viewer to establish who is who.

Be sure to have Stuntman Riky Ash as your next Stunt Double to complement your shoot.