Stuntman Riky Ash

Riky Ash is a highly skilled, experienced and talented Stuntman, Stunt co-ordinator and Actor.

With over 700 industry credits he is safe, reliable, relaxed, intelligent and friendly, the very best to work with. Below are a selection from his stunt portfolio.

Riky has doubled over 200 children and adults of all statures. His achievements have been honoured in the 2000 edition of the Guinness Book Of Records. Riky has excellent communication skills and places a strong emphasis on actor participation which has worked to the advantage of many production companies.

Riky has safely performed over 1000 stunts and successfully coordinated many other projects.

Stuntman and Stunt Coordinator Riky Ash is an accomplished actor and has played many leading and supporting roles in television, film, commercials and the non-broadcast market.

Having graduated from drama school and taking his developed skills forward into the world of stunts, Riky Ash is one of a very few elite stuntmen who can also act.

One could not demonstrate versatility any better than Stuntman Riky Ash’s amazing showreel, covering:

Fights, high and low falls, full and partial fire burns, car crashes to vehicle knockdowns, stair falls, water work, powerboats, ice skating, rollerblading, street fights to bar room brawls. Car turnovers. Bicycle work. Seventh Dan Shaolin Kung-Fu Expert, Kung-Fu fighter, amazing fight arranging and choreography.

Motorbike riding and crashes, laydowns, climbing and abseiling. working at extreme heights, Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator Riky Ash has covered them all.

The world's leading child and teenage stunt double, Versatility at its finest.

Stuntman Riky has worked directly with script writers to help create the most realistic safe action for television, film and commercial.

Very sought after in the media world for Riky's innovative and visionary ways to create dynamic stunts.

Contributor to many news stories involving stunts. Celebrity guest on talk shows and featured in many leading newspapers and magazines for stuntman Riky's most amazing career.

Having the fine quality of being and expert at communication, Stuntman Riky can get the very best out of artistes who he has the greatest of pleasure of working with.

700 plus credits and over 1000 stunts safely performed speak for themselves.

One of the best if not the Best Stuntman and Stunt Co-ordinator in the world today.

Described simply as A Stunt Genius.